Days Until Christmas!
Sorry it's been so long. This recipe was inspired partly by my mum, partly because of having to adhere to the conditions of finding a decent meal to eat whilst dieting. The result is delicious and very low calorie. You will need:

2lb chicken breast or tenders
3 bell peppers (i use 3 different colours to make it look nice)
1 large onion white or red
A bottle of teriyaki sauce (try and find one with sesame seeds in)
Sour cream (to your taste)
Refried beans (to your taste)
Shredded cheese (again to your taste)
Vegetable oil
1 package of Uncle bens spanish style microwave rice
Flour or corn tortillas or both (we used mission flour carb balance, for the sake of calories but that's up to you)

Start by preparing the chicken, use a knife to chop it into small equal size-ish pieces and put them to one side. If using tenders rather than chicken breast try and cut out the white tendons that come in them. Next cut the bell peppers up into strips, i normally remove the middle by going in from the top then cut the whole thing in half vertically. Then rinse out the middle to get rid of any seeds, cut into strips and cut the strips in half. Put them to one side and chop up the onion into small piece and add the onion to the peppers.

Now you will need to prepare two large frying pans, add a generous amount of vegetable oil to the one being used for the veg as there will be a lot of veg and a slightly smaller amount to the one for the chicken. Heat both pans on medium, wait for them to heat up then add the chicken and veg to their respective pans. Stir both often for about 15 minutes.

Once the chicken looks almost done and the veg has softened add a generous amount of teriyaki sauce to both. Stir often for another ten minutes or so to get the sauce to stick. While you are doing this prepare the refried beans in a pot and microwave the rice. Use a colindar to drain the veg and chicken.

Serve to your taste using the rice, beans, sour cream and cheese on tortillas. I have been told that these are the best fajitas that people have ever had before and i have to agree they are delicious. If you had the patience to stick with me on this then ENJOY! I will be updating my blog again with more recipes from now on so keep an eye out.

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