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These are delightfully delicious and relatively easy to make. A very British dish, I am not sure why the US doesn't really go for them. I suspect it's due to lack of knowledge about them rather than not liking them. Give them a try you will love them! This recipe will make twelve scotch eggs. Bear in mind you will need a deep fryer.

What you will need:

18 large eggs

3 lb pork sausage (can be plain or sage or country, depending on preference)

6 cups seasoned bread crumbs (you can add seasoned salt, or salt and pepper to plain bread crumbs to season)

3 cups all purpose flour


Heat your deep fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees c). Whilst the oil is heating boil a saucepan of water. As this is coming to a boil, place eggs in a bowl of very warm water to allow them to adjust to the warmer temperature. Place the eggs carefully into the pan and let boil for seven minutes. Remove from hot water, immediately run under very cold water for a minute then carefully peel.

Beat six eggs in a bowl. Flatten the sausage meat and form a patty to surround each of your eggs and carefully coat each egg generously with sausage. Lightly flour the sausage covered eggs and coat them in the beaten egg. Then roll them generously and evenly in the seasoned breadcrumbs.

Carefully place in deep fryer (you may want to use a spoon to lower them into the oil rather than using the basket as this will stop them cooking into the bottom of the basket). Fry each egg until they are a bit darker than golden brown. Remove them from the fryer and let them cool for a little while. Enjoy your scotch eggs!

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