Days Until Christmas!
This is an easy recipe for very tasty sausage gravy to go with biscuits.

What you will need:

1lb roll ground sausagemeat (regular, sage or country all work, I use regular as I prefer the taste) 

1/4 cup flour

2ish cups milk

Salt and pepper


Empty the roll of sausage into a medium frying pan. Turn stove on medium and separate the sausage as much as possible.

While the sausage is cooking, keep it moving so it cooks evenly and doesn't burn to the bottom of the pan.

Once the sausage is cooked (no pink bits at all), add the flour to the sausage gently. Keep stirring until you can no longer see the flour (be careful to not let the sausage stick to the bottom of the pan at this point).

Once the flour has disappeared, begin to add the milk. You will want to add a generous amount so the sausage is submerged in the milk. Keep on stirring with the heat still on medium and let the mixture thicken. You will want it to get pretty thick. If the mixture is not thickening and you think you've added too much milk, mix some flour and warm water in a cup and add that to the pan.

Keep adding milk until there is a good amount of sauce to the sausage and remove from the heat. Add salt and pepper to desired taste. Pour over biscuits or toast and enjoy!

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