Days Until Christmas!
If you're like me, then you love your boiled eggs so the yolk has only just started too cook. So it's not runny, but is still nice and soft.

Now our fridge is so cold that if I drop an egg into boiling water it immediately cracks. So whilst you're boiling some water, put your eggs in a bowl or cup of warm tap water to bring their temperature up.

Once the water is boiling use a slotted spoon to lower your eggs in one by one. Cook for eggsactly seven minutes, no more no less. Remove them from the water with your spoon and immediately run them under very cold water to stop the cooking process. After thirty seconds to a minute gently crack the shell of the eggs and roll them gently on the counter to crack them as much as possible.

Peel them under running water, be very careful not to break them. Enjoy your eggs!

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