Days Until Christmas!
Easy cake in a mug (in the microwave)! If you're like me and always in a hurry looking for quick easy snacks, give this a try. It will not disappoint. 

What you will need:

1 largish mug

4 Tbsp Bisquick (or any off-brand pancake mix) 

4 Tbsp water

2.5 Tbsp sugar

2 Tsp oil

1 Tbsp imitation vanilla extract

2 Tbsp cocoa (optional , if you want a chocolate cake add this, if not it still tastes great without) 


Combine all ingredients in the mug and hand whisk until a smooth batter has formed. Once the mixture is as smooth as possible, place mug in microwave. Set timer to 1 min 45 secs and microwave on high.

Once this is done let sit for 30 secs and remove from microwave (careful, mug will be hot!) then simply spoon in some of your favourite ice cream, or leave it as it is and enjoy! 

12/4/2013 05:13:49 am

I love this recipe! It's especially good if you make a nice homemade chocolate sauce to drizzle on top!

3/18/2015 12:19:46 pm

Did not work for me at all..I think its because I used a different oil then normal gonna get the right oil to try it out again

3/18/2015 01:01:33 pm

Hi Nicole! I'm sorry to hear that. I've never had an issue with it not working. I hope you can get it to work. How did you come across my blog?

8/23/2015 11:59:18 am

Just made this and I am in heaven. I did add a price of chocolate to the top and microwaved bit for an additional 15 seconds just to melt it. I wanted extra chocolate. Will make it again just plain it is that good! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

12/12/2015 11:57:49 pm

man, this recipe is a god send. The texture is amazing, the recipe is so simple that it's perfect for customizing with whatever kind of flavors i want. Thank you!!!

12/15/2015 04:05:38 am

You're quite welcome Caroline, i have neglected my blog for a while due to circumstances in my life. But it seems to be getting attention, perhaps i should start blogging my recipes again?

1/14/2016 11:40:40 am

I love this recipe. It's got a wonderful texture and the taste is delicious. I added a dollop of peanut butter to the top just before microwaving for a gooey peanut butter center. Mmmmm!

3/7/2016 07:38:37 pm

Houston, we have a winner!!!
I've tried multiple recipes and this is number one. I used Splenda, Heart Smart Bisquick and substituted applesauce for oil. Cut calories but did not affect taste or texture. Thank you so much!!!!

Amanda Etzel
3/9/2016 09:06:51 pm

I used a single serve packet of hot cocoa mix, cut the tbsp of sugar down to 2

Cooked it for the minute 45

Removed it added marshmallows and cooked it for 15 more seconds

I call it hot chocolate cake

It turned out amazing.

1/7/2017 10:45:38 am

I have never been to n this website before, but this recipe is hands down the best mug cake recipe EVER. Moist, tasty, and the perfect serving size, Im blown away.

5/9/2017 07:55:31 pm

Just made it for my ol man...We will see


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