Days Until Christmas!
Okay, due to horrific cold weather and ice storms. We lost power last night and it's not long been on. During the scrabble around for candles etc I came across a tin of heinz baked beans and as soon as the power came back on I knew what I was going to make.

What you will need:

1 tin heinz baked beans (see photo, you can get these at the international aisle at most kroger)

Worcestershire sauce



Salt and pepper

Shredded cheese


Heat beans on stove until heated through, add a few splashes of the Worcestershire sauce. Prepare toast whilst they are heating, butter toast well. 

Pour beans over buttered toast, sprinkle with salt and pepper and cheese to desired taste and enjoy! 

I know this recipe is a bit simple, once we can easily get out and buy groceries things will get more adventurous! 
12/6/2013 11:35:38 am

Just the one bean?


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